Here’s a bit about our vision and history

FoRest retreat was founded by Melinda Marcellus Kincaid, Licensed Psychotherapist – Yoga Instructor – Artist. 

Throughout building her practice, Melinda has become increasingly aware of the integrated nature of the mind, body and spirit. All aspects of being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; all work together. Melinda interweaves nature’s restorative benefits, mindfulness and movement practices into her daily living; as well as her healing modalities with clients. She brings her psychotherapy offerings to the larger community through the FoRest retreat experience. 

With over 20 year personal practice and relationship with yoga, Melinda obtained her yoga teacher training certificate in 2019, and has been writing poetry, dancing and singing since childhood. She has cultivated a belief about the nature of healing and growing, which incorporates consistent connection with nature, daily creative and expressive practices, both personally and in community.

In our busy, scheduled lives, we all need to create space for ourselves and one another to retreat, nourish, slow down, and transform. Melinda believes in a healthy balance of going internal as an individual; as well as collaborating with, and simultaneously supporting the community.

Melinda’s team of highly skilled facilitators create a warm container of healing space for the FoRest Retreat. Each offering is designed to build enduring care practices. 

Our healing, growing journey weaves together all of the necessary components of holistic practices that mirror the necessary components for a holistic life. We must embody strength and flexibility, lest we break in the winds of change and fluidity. The mindfulness and movement practices offered at FoRest retreat help us to learn, grow and know these ways of being, so that we can incorporate them into our daily living. 

Everyone’s journey initiates at birth, as we naturally begin existence utterly present and incredibly mailable. Most people move away from it, and hopefully, at some point, return with intention. 

The intention of FoRest retreat is to inspire beauty, community, kindness, care practices, tenacity and acceptance.