Each member of the team brings years of experience in the healing arts and forms a key piece of this unique community. We are infinitely grateful to be able to share our gifts with you.

Melinda Marcellus

Yoga, Guided Meditation, Fire / Guided Journaling Circle Ceremony

Melinda enjoys her work as a psychotherapist, yoga instructor, creative artist and practitioner in mindfulness and movement. She is deeply honored to join her clients, students and community in growth, expression and healing. Owning her own business affords her precious time, which she uses to nurture connection thorough: yoga, relationships, creative expression, executing community events, cooking and sharing food, and spending time in nature many times a week; by bike, foot, water or air.

Jill Wilde

Host / Drum Circle Facilitator

Joy Wilkins


Nick Eaton


Vince Cimo

Live Music & Sound Bath

Dara Stepanek

Dance Movement

Dan Cimo

Culinary Team

Meredith Haaker

Culinary Team